We need Biden to show respect for the Black Voter.-LadyKate Atabong Ndi

OUR VOICES MATTER DON’T STOP….Let’s talk about it.

When P Diddy said it blatantly folks went after him and chewed him up. He stood by his word “hold the vote hostage” if we have to, until Joe Biden addresses concerns of the Black Community.

We know Trump Does not Care but we hope Biden does. Then Joe Biden said what he said and we are shocked. Truth is I am Black African Immigrant -Democrat. I will vote for Biden and campaign strongly for him in my community but, we need him to show respect for the Black Voter and not take us for granted.

He needs to start sharing his vision for America – where Black Lives Matter. Where all Americans are treated with Equal Justice and Fairness. The America we all dream of because Trump has taken it all away. 

#RidingWithBiden #Biden2020 #VoteJoeBiden2020

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