Kenyan migrant worker regains freedom in Qatar.

A Kenyan migrant worker who was arrested and detained in Qatar for four weeks has finally been released.

Malcolm Bidali, who was arrested in the capital Doha on May 5th, was freed on Wednesday but the charges against him remain, according to Migrant Rights.

The 28-year-old was picked from his accommodation and placed under investigation for violating Qatar’s security laws and regulations, Qatar’s Government Communication Office (GCO) said.

Last week, Bidali was formally charged with offenses related to payments received by a foreign agent for the creation and distribution of disinformation within the State of Qatar.

“Following a thorough investigation by the authorities, the case of Mr. Malcolm Bidali has been transferred to Qatar Public Prosecution,” the GCO said in a statement.

“Mr. Badali is receiving legal advice and representation ahead of the court date, which has not yet been set.”

Bidali, who moved to Qatar in 2016, works as a security guard with GSS Certis International and is also a blogger, and labor activist.

He blogs under the pseudonym Noah and writes about labor rights issues such as long working hours, poor wages, working conditions, and unsuitable accommodation.

A few days before his arrest, he made a virtual presentation to civil society groups on the state of migrant workers in Qatar, where he gave his experience working as a security guard there.

Rights groups led by Amnesty International said Bidali told his mother in a May 20th phone call that he was being held in solitary confinement and had no access to an attorney.

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